Monday, June 28, 2010

Be careful who your friends are!

Something I tell my younger brother all the time. It is a very hard lesson to learn especially where you grow up. We like to think of ourselves as individuals and we do not let any one person or group of people affect our decisions and moral compass but it is just not true. The quote “No man is an island” is absolutely true. We rely on relationships intimate and un-intimate a great deal. This is a trend with the younger generations who seem to embrace the big generational gap. They hold more stock in the values of the group of friends rather than the values from home. I know the values of my home personally were shit but its not true of every home. It is a sad state of affairs especially if you get caught up in a group that does not help you progress as a person and as an individual. I am happy to say that the individuals that I consider my friends have help me grow each year most importantly when it comes to my mentality on certain things. I know I have already typed a blog on friendship but sometimes important things need to be discussed more than once. I'll just keep it short. I really do love my friends.

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