Sunday, February 22, 2009

Grimace and her half pint friend

So I get head from chick that looks like she has down syndrome crippled and walks around with crutches and her obese friend who I have aptly named Grimace although she looks like Grimace if he wore a fanny pack for extra added pudge effect. Sadly it was not the same time but one after the other while the other one watched...NICE.... Am I a monster I think not I'm just out here trying to have sex with the ugmos of the world.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My 23rd Birthday

2 shots of Absolute, 2 shots of Goldschlaugher, 2 shots of patron café, 3 beers , 3 glasses of Soco Lime Bar tab of $500, your boss joining you for drinks as his head gets massage from some drunk chick, Me motor boating some random chick, Meida grinding on some chick, Me eye fucking everything that has tits besides carlos of course, Carlos being so drunk that he whips his dick out pees on some guys jacket while standing at the bar then being banish from Hells Kitchen= one priceless 23rd Birthday