Friday, March 28, 2008

Good times

All right so most people who know me also know of my sexual exploits.
One of these exploits happen to be with a former boss of mine who is also a lesibian.
So I lost contact with her and figure ehh wutever. That is until one fateful night she ims me out of no where and invites me out drinkin at one of her friends house. Im game pretty assured in my mind that sex was going to ensue that night. We pick up one of her friends gay guy who also happens to be a certified minister in the state of NJ. Yeah how random right. So anways we end up going to this chicks house whos apparently a nanny watching two young girls 14 n 15 whos bodies looked a little older then that. After a beer run and getting sauced up for about an hr we were all nice and in search of a good time so we all started dancing. Yes Yes i danced with one of the young ladies....dont judge me she had a nice ass and btw it was just a dance. Ne who we were all getting tired and decided it was time to call it a night. This is when i proceeded to convince my former boss that we needed to have sex again at my house and she quickly agreed. Good times it was a great random monday.

Friday, March 21, 2008

St Pattys Day

So we went to the Absinthe spot in Newark and drop like 150 bucks on a slew of random drinks. Abe of course had the most and did not spot there he only begun. Everyone took a shot an Absithe and then another cept me Im too old for this shit I had one and a skunky sam. Then everyone else decided to get car bombs and abe decides to get 3 shots of goldslaghter and a long island ice tea and then his car bomb. So were like lets go bar hoppin fuck it. We end up at the next spot this fuckin crazy irish spot where they look like they lynch black people we all decide to have a car bomb even i join in at this place of course to out do us abe decides to get another. Yeah I kno abe is a monster. So were like this place is lame lets go to this bar me shaun and meida hit up which is Hells Kitchen. Who do we run into but Angela and her crew which was very random. So of course we start getting crazy drunk carlos in true CS fashion is givin shots of patron and tequila to whoever wants it. He even orders two flight attendant drinks and starts cozying up to them. Abe is continuin his drunken binge and orders like 2 more car bombs and downs them. It is at this point abe is pretty drunk so what does he do he gets up starts dancing on a pole and at my urgin he takes his shirt off and begins to give one the flight attendants a lap dance. There loving it. Shaun decides to help los wingman and cudnt handle the copius amounts of alcohol being given to him so he passes out at the table. At this point its time to call it a night and hit the road we drunkenly load up into los car and then depart on our separate ways. It was an interesting nite to say the least not a true CS drunken extravaganza but a good night as well.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

First Day In Cali

So I been planning on going to see Ortega for a while now and finally this year I was able to make it happen.
He lives out on the west coast in LA. Which happens to be 2 and half hrs or 3 hrs away from TJ Mexico. So as soon as i landed he picked me up and we made moves. So we hop on the ghetto greyhound aka Fronteras Del Norte think of riding a short bus for that very 3 hrs. So naturally of course I pop 2 Tylenol pms and pass out. So next thing i kno where at the border. The Mexican border is shady sketchy and everything i expect from it.
We make our way in no one stops or checks us of course and and Mike takes me on for this ten minute walk to where the action is. On this small journey I see starving children street performers and all kinds of things you would expect to see on a Mexican side street. The first kid comes out of no where and hes like hey you while juggling 6 bean bags finishing his act by catching one on his neck. We quickly walk past. Then Mike takes me across this dark ass bridge where i am more then certain we are going to get robbed luckily we don't. We finally make it to Revoultion Ave which is like i guess broadway ny instead of theater shows there strip clubs and instead of hot dog vendors theres taco stands and the blasting of American hip hop music.
Mike first takes me down the street we are just looking at various places. Looking for a place to eat a taco or have a beer before we start the night. After a while he decides to show me the north area aka the red light district of mexico.
I will keep saying this to describe this part of TJ mexico... they call Las Vegas sin city well clearly whoever said that never been to Tijuana. The streets paved with the most beautiful mexican women your money could buy. These werent your scummy american hookers theres were beautiful women of all shapes and colors. Strip clubs galore and of coure the federalis were watching everyones every move. ........To be continued......