Friday, March 28, 2008

Good times

All right so most people who know me also know of my sexual exploits.
One of these exploits happen to be with a former boss of mine who is also a lesibian.
So I lost contact with her and figure ehh wutever. That is until one fateful night she ims me out of no where and invites me out drinkin at one of her friends house. Im game pretty assured in my mind that sex was going to ensue that night. We pick up one of her friends gay guy who also happens to be a certified minister in the state of NJ. Yeah how random right. So anways we end up going to this chicks house whos apparently a nanny watching two young girls 14 n 15 whos bodies looked a little older then that. After a beer run and getting sauced up for about an hr we were all nice and in search of a good time so we all started dancing. Yes Yes i danced with one of the young ladies....dont judge me she had a nice ass and btw it was just a dance. Ne who we were all getting tired and decided it was time to call it a night. This is when i proceeded to convince my former boss that we needed to have sex again at my house and she quickly agreed. Good times it was a great random monday.

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