Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hotpocket of Death

SO everyone knows Im not the nicest of people and I typically hate anything that opens its mouth.

-I abandon Abe because he tooked too long to come outside once.
-Ive choked him once because he made one fat joke too many although he said a little bit of semen came out pretty nasty.
-I mock him constantly for his crazy actions.
-I talk about how I would have sex with his sister and then tell him about it.
-I occasionally call his mom a whore but he does too so ehhh.
-New people that we meet we immediately tell them about Abe and the crazy shit he does so they have an informed opinion about him.
-I ate his lunch once

So as payback Abe licked my Hot Pocket without me knowing and then watched me eat it.
That is all.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Once again Abe proves to be the craziest man on the planet

So Abe forgets his house keys and decides to wait for me at my house so he can sleep over. Being that I was out and about he ended up waiting 2 hrs which in the 2 hours he decided to chase stray cats talk to strangers on the hospital steps so forth and so on. Then after all of this he decides to break into his house through the basement window. Recently he also likes to take pictures of random women in the park haha.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Quick Recap

Almost been a month and some crazy shit has been happing.

I finally got caught by the heat which thank god for Newark Police she was too lazy to tow my car so she gave me 3 tickets and let me be on my merry way.

Abe is still crazy recently was caught video taping himself making cat noise in the back of the store. He also has pictures of coworkers and random girls from the bus on his phone. What a creepy bastard.

Shaun got a new whip rich bastard lol its a women's car but he loves it lol.

I'm slowly working on getting my licence back and I should have it by Friday hopefully if all goes as plan.

Me and Crystal had a little falling out over some stupid facebook note but were sorta talking again I guess whatever.

I got stood up I guess for a sorta date its a long story and deserves its own post.