Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Slave Labor!

I worked one week as a recycling tire shop manager. It was brutal. One guy worked for 5 hrs to earn $25. It's like are you serious. It definitely open my eyes to somethings. I mean this world is brutal and harsh and people support families with those kinds of wages. I find it disgusting that in 2012 we still argue over things like race and illegal immigrants and so on. I gurantee you anybody who is against illegal immigration by saying stupid shit like, "They take our jobs!" would not work in the harsh conditions that they work in. I know some would go further and say that those people are necessary in a capitalistic system. It is not necessary at all to have humans suffer this day in age. The disproportion of wealth is too great for people to not wake up. I know the occupy movement was a great thing but it needs to go further. It needs to be expanded. I kind of want to go on but my thoughts are alittle too scattered. I'll try to write something more later.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Georgia Living

My travels before Stillwater brought me to Athens, GA. My buddy Eddie Beck lives there. Eddie has been a brother to me since I met him all those years ago while I was a rabble rouser in Science High School. For years I have been telling him I was going to visit him and finally I did. I had the money and the freedom since leaving my job to do as I pleased and I was going to make the most of it. Eddie lives in Athens, Georgia the same home as my cousins which coincidentally I forgot. I met up with family for a bit said my hellos and such and kept on trucking. I even rented a car to go visit my friend Jon Mckenna who is stationed at a base four hours away from Athens. The best part or night of the trip had to be celebrating Eddies birthday at Opera Nightclub. We did it big. We got a suite at the Marriott a block away and went in that night. Eddie has some cute friends. Even his sister went and if you knew Carrie you know it was kind of a big deal. Shes amazingly brilliant and equally as quirky. I love her to bits. It was just an amazing time overall. We had so much fun and just great to say the least. I have to tell one story about a random bar night that Eddie and I had though, So I am sure some people know my run ins with the law when it comes to public urination. My suggestion is don't try it, even when you don't think you are going to get caught you probably will. So, we are leaving a bar and I have to go the bathroom really bad and I ask Eddie so how are they on public urination down here. Eddie shrugs and is like, "I don't know." I see a big ass bush so I decide ehhh I should be good. After I finish doing my business and come around from the bush who is waiting for me but a bike cop. The cop goes, "So, what were you doing behind that bush?" I respond back with, "Do you really want to know officer?" He said, "Yes!" Immediately I go into story mode. I tell him that I have a crush on a girl and I wanted to have a private conversation with her because I am drunk and I want to tell her that I like her and then I point to Eddie who is observing this a couple of feet away and say, "You see that guy over is a gossip and I didn't want him listening into my conversation." The cop looks at me and goes, "Its too early for this weird shit. Have a good night!" My life is pretty random sometimes. I recently said I embrace chaos while the rest of you flirt with chance. Good words to live by sometimes that is lol. That was a highlight but I am glad I know some very special people in this world and Eddie Beck is certainly one of them. Now come the pics!

In this picture I was dancing and some random lady came up behind me and started to dance with me and I was yelling at her to smack my ass and then told her she wasn't doing it hard enough....at this point I was having some fun haha.

They kept telling me to keep my eyes open and this is a horrible attempt at me trying to keep my eyes open. Then that is Carrie and me. I am pretty sure shes just excited herself by having her arm around as by her facial expression.

The whole gang from the Opera Night minus Eddie

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Crazy ass dreams

I have been having the craziest dreams of late. I had a couple about dying. I had a couple about Audrey.....those were great please if the italics don't clue you into the sarcasm let it be known that it is sarcasm. I end up waking up in a cold sweat and disoriented and it sucks. It has been happening for at least two months now. It really is starting to drive me nuts. I just wish I knew what the hell was going on. The dreams of course don't come if I am blacked out or use sleeping pills for bed. I hate hangovers and I hate the feeling of grogginess that the pills leave me with in the morning so I try not to consistently do both. Side note I am enjoying this time back but I got that craving for more again. I went on a couple of interviews and one that I really enjoyed was the Boys and Girls club of Patterson. I thought the interview went well the salary is about 1/3 of what I used to make but I think I will honestly be happier in this job than my last one. Haggar sucked my soul out and I can honestly say it will be at least a little while before I whore myself out again.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Stillwater, Oklahoma

Kevo and I

This is me being taught how to "two step" by a lovely lady.

While I am here and wrapping up my trip to the great town or city of Stillwater Oklahoma I decided to write a blog entry. This particular leg of my trip was amazing, so was my Athens journey but this one for different reasons. I drank a whole lot, party a whole lot, and saw things I never could of imagine. I saw real life cowboys. They had the legit hats and boots and belt buckles and everything. That was pretty trippy. I ate some really really good bbq. It was delicious. I enjoy hanging out with my wild friend Kevin. He is a good man with a great heart no matter what people say or do to him. I appreciate his friendship. I am writing this as he is literally verbally abusing me from 3 feet away by telling me to “Fuck myself” Which I think is why me and him click so easily. Even though the first time I met him I hated him. So many great quotes from him. “Anthony I ever tell you the time I hooked up with the voice of Dora the Explorers backpack.” “The motto for tonight is rocks on rocks on rocks.” “Definitely smoking crack tonight RIP Whitney” “We can’t eat at chilis…they’ll spit in my food” From his dislike of Asians to his womanizing Kevin definitely deserves a sit at my inner circle and I am most glad to give him one.

The great part of this trip wasn’t the copious amounts of alcohol and believe me there was copious amounts but the good times. The memories I am making. It is funny how different the way of life is down here. A funny example I can think of is the song "All I do is Win" At the part where T Pain saids, “and our hands go up” they chant the letters O S U it is the letters of their university. The first time I witness that I can tell you, it definitely left me speechless. I loved being at a house party and this girl told me, "I cant grind in there (referring to the dance floor of party) grinding is for clubs and I am not that kind of girl. The women down here are amazingly gorgeous. I do have to give them that. They are just so shelter though. It is easy to see how they are all republican and conservatives. These people really think terrorist are going to get them.

I am pretty happy I quit Haggar. I am even happier that I decided to visit Kevin. I have literally walked away from some responsibilities but I can honestly say that I am pretty happy right now. I have not one clue what the hell life has in store for me in the next couple of months before I leave for college but this one thing I know I am ready for the ride.