Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Slave Labor!

I worked one week as a recycling tire shop manager. It was brutal. One guy worked for 5 hrs to earn $25. It's like are you serious. It definitely open my eyes to somethings. I mean this world is brutal and harsh and people support families with those kinds of wages. I find it disgusting that in 2012 we still argue over things like race and illegal immigrants and so on. I gurantee you anybody who is against illegal immigration by saying stupid shit like, "They take our jobs!" would not work in the harsh conditions that they work in. I know some would go further and say that those people are necessary in a capitalistic system. It is not necessary at all to have humans suffer this day in age. The disproportion of wealth is too great for people to not wake up. I know the occupy movement was a great thing but it needs to go further. It needs to be expanded. I kind of want to go on but my thoughts are alittle too scattered. I'll try to write something more later.

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