Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Ive been on about 4 or 5 interviews and some range from terrible to horrendous.

One interview lasted about 3 minutes. There were people ahead of me and I was shocked at how fast they were getting out. It took me about 40 minutes to travel for a 3 min interview. That was just great. They pretty much said, "They wanted to put a face to the resume." What a pointless thing to do!

Another interview that actually went well was thwarted by a personality assessment. I pretty much had the job in hand until I took the personality assessment. It was a 2 page assessment. It listed traits for personality. The first page asked me what traits do I think a salesperson should have. The second page listed traits that I believe I have. How the hell did I fuck that up? I mean seriously. I didn't chose the obviously traits like sexual offender...(that wasn't a choice) but still. He showed me the printout and it gave me a 30 out of a 100 on being a salesperson. I just did that job for the better part of a decade. Frustration isn't even the word.

I guess the third interview Ill put up is the job that I did get but was rescinded the offer once they heard I had plans on leaving in the fall to finish school.

I have learned a couple of things being back out on the interviewing world. One people don't know the difference between interviews and information sessions. I shouldnt be talked to for 40 minutes in an interview. I should be asked questions. My personality should be assessed by a person not a machine. I know that my golden ticket is out there. I know I must be patient and diligent. Its not like I need a job tomorrow but I think I am ready to start working once again.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cemetery Vist

This is the headstone for my uncle victor. My Aunt wrote a great blog entry about the effect of his life on her. http://dsprosperoussoul.blogspot.com/

I haven't been to the cemetery in a couple of years. It was pretty interesting to go. I think I am going to go there more often. I miss my great grand father tremendously. He is one of the people that is responsible for making me the man I am today. It just reminds me that he isn't gone because hes apart of me. I could go on but I rather just internalize those feelings.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fighter's Mentality

It is interesting being back in Newark. There is so much going in the city that I am almost overwhelm. I always describe being in Connecticut as living in a bubble. That the world seems to pass it by because it grows as fast as paint dries. Westbrook, Connecticut in particular is probably the furthest thing from city living that I could handle. It does not make it better or worst but different. Being back in this city I witness several things in my initial two weeks. The crazy overwhelming ignorance in random public places almost seems paralyzing and confusing at times. It makes me remember the bad things and takes me to a place I have not been for many years. However, that’s not the part that I relish in. That is not the part that put an insatiable hunger to return in my belly. The city’s strength is what has called me home. The action rather than inaction is what has placed me back within the state of NJ. While I will not be here forever the return is just what I needed and how I needed it. I am here taking care of my grandmother but the purpose seems to be so much more. I have this renewed energy that I did not have in CT. The environment and Haggar itself was physically and emotionally detrimental to my future and any hope I had to be something more. Being back here, being back home something’s changed. A re awaking if you will to that trait long locked away in the recesses of my personality. The trait that was so unnecessary to the complacent life I was living in CT. That trait is the fighter’s mentality that got me out of Newark in the first place. That mentality of a must win attitude and a drive to keep pushing forward. I miss it, I encourage it, and I am it. Standing at the precipice of my mind trying to decide the next move and I can only think of one thing just keep moving forward no matter what. There is something about this city that just sets my spirit and soul ablaze and I am glad that I have returned not the same but a change man with a personality and perspective to take the good and leave the bad but a determination to effect change while I am here.

Friday, January 6, 2012


Guess this year I am going to more proactive in writing on my blog. I am back in NJ and before I get to that I must; however, I must talk about my Connecticut family. They have been my close friends for the past three years and have effected my life tremendously. The Trasacco family has been good to me. Sorry, that is an understatement they have been great to me. I was very touched at the going away dinner they had for me. It amazes me how much people we do not share that family bond can create that family bond without even realizing it. That I am attached to these people for the rest of my life. I can not ever forget about them even if I tried. I have added two more brothers and a little sister to my already big family. I do love them and I do miss them. As for the rest of the crazy bastards of Westbrook, CT and the shoreline, I miss them as well and I fortunate to the many many many memories that I was able to create while I was up there. There are just too many of you bastards to name but I love you guys as well.

The image up top is my tribute tattoo to Matthew Vincent Trasacco. It is an outline of the state of CT and inside it saids in latin: "Thus you shall go to the stars". A clear example of how one mans life can effect another it is through the passing of my friend M.V.T. He gave me a look into my own life and its finality. He gave me a chance to leave Haggar before I found out about my Grandmother's illness. He gave me comfort and strength into going out into the unknown. Several of our conversations has shaped me and made me a better man. Some of them probably made you a worst one Matt..lol. I hate that your not on this Earth anymore. Truly, I considered you a brother. Hell I even brought you down to Jersey to share in its glory. Well it was great reminiscing about the CT times. Now that I am back in Jersey I need to get out of this introspective lull and grab life as I so eloquently put it by the Dick.