Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Ive been on about 4 or 5 interviews and some range from terrible to horrendous.

One interview lasted about 3 minutes. There were people ahead of me and I was shocked at how fast they were getting out. It took me about 40 minutes to travel for a 3 min interview. That was just great. They pretty much said, "They wanted to put a face to the resume." What a pointless thing to do!

Another interview that actually went well was thwarted by a personality assessment. I pretty much had the job in hand until I took the personality assessment. It was a 2 page assessment. It listed traits for personality. The first page asked me what traits do I think a salesperson should have. The second page listed traits that I believe I have. How the hell did I fuck that up? I mean seriously. I didn't chose the obviously traits like sexual offender...(that wasn't a choice) but still. He showed me the printout and it gave me a 30 out of a 100 on being a salesperson. I just did that job for the better part of a decade. Frustration isn't even the word.

I guess the third interview Ill put up is the job that I did get but was rescinded the offer once they heard I had plans on leaving in the fall to finish school.

I have learned a couple of things being back out on the interviewing world. One people don't know the difference between interviews and information sessions. I shouldnt be talked to for 40 minutes in an interview. I should be asked questions. My personality should be assessed by a person not a machine. I know that my golden ticket is out there. I know I must be patient and diligent. Its not like I need a job tomorrow but I think I am ready to start working once again.

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