Friday, April 20, 2007

How I broke my car window

So I locked my damn keys in the car and so wut do i do I get a damn wire hanger n a butter knife to open it sounds reasonable right. Well I break my damn car window got ma keys though

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Shaun snd Abe's first beer pong game

So Abe n Shaun begin their conquest of the beer pong tables and they started out rough as Abe never played and was still sober for the moment. Then as he began to pound down each cup for Shaun was the DD and he couldn't drink so Abe had too for the both of them. Abe downed more and more slowly turning into the monster that we all know him to be but yet nothing NOTHING could stop his burning desire for the W the victory at the game. The first win came slow the second a little faster and then it was time for the trifecta. Could this man child finish it and go for the hat trick. Shaun made the first cup Abe the next three and just as the rain man of beer pong was about to take his next shot a slow rumbling began and then Abe projectile vomited into Shaun's face trying to cover his mouth but it was too late Shaun was in ruins and I was hysterically laughing

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Past Couple of Weeks

Abe gets drunks and dances nothing unusual about that however this time the man runs towards the wall and does a back flip and lands on his face gets up victoriously and then passes out for the remainder of the evening.

I got a promotion at my job making me feel like a million bucks. Customer walks in begins to unbutton his pants so I might be able to determine what kind they are.

I have dinner at Rob's house where Shaun makes an ass out of himself by txtin something fucking crazy to Rob's phone.

I gave Mu a mild concussion resulting in a new bet that asks the question which one of us will be injured first at the next football game?

I finally contacted the police department concerning my suspended licence which was suspended in September I only drive to work. So I have 10 tickets and owe like a G

Blades of glory was great.

Whats in stored: Tommorw I'm going to a party in New Brunswick, Next week is Mu's B Day, and I need to pay off my tickets.