Thursday, April 12, 2007

Past Couple of Weeks

Abe gets drunks and dances nothing unusual about that however this time the man runs towards the wall and does a back flip and lands on his face gets up victoriously and then passes out for the remainder of the evening.

I got a promotion at my job making me feel like a million bucks. Customer walks in begins to unbutton his pants so I might be able to determine what kind they are.

I have dinner at Rob's house where Shaun makes an ass out of himself by txtin something fucking crazy to Rob's phone.

I gave Mu a mild concussion resulting in a new bet that asks the question which one of us will be injured first at the next football game?

I finally contacted the police department concerning my suspended licence which was suspended in September I only drive to work. So I have 10 tickets and owe like a G

Blades of glory was great.

Whats in stored: Tommorw I'm going to a party in New Brunswick, Next week is Mu's B Day, and I need to pay off my tickets.

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