Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mu takes a walk

So Mu comes picks me up today when i noticed he had an ace bandage on his hand n wrist n im like wut the fuck happen to u. So he tells me how he went out to the neighbors house to borrow some sugar at 1am and was accosted by two gentlemen then one of them calls mu a fag and he saids come down here n say to ma face and then one of them actually does and wut does crazy ass mustamirr do HEADBUTTS him ma god ma god.... So the guys friends comes and chops mu in the back of the neck. Mu using quick like reflects takes the guys arm and flips him over. Now the headbutt guy gets up and mu rams his head into the side of a car. Then Mu squares up and fights the other dude. Now this be a lesson to pple dont fuck with a man walking around at 1am for no reason.

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