Saturday, March 24, 2007

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Ok ok so I get bored very easily and when I'm bored I'm game for anything. One particular night me and mu decide lets go play pool as normal but lets see if Shaun wants to come. So I know he was working that night and i figure we go see if hes down before we head out. So he tells us hes going to his grandparents house and etc etc. Well I figure hes lying because Shaun lies to us for no reason. So anyway i say lets fucking follow him as he leaves. So of course Mu going against his better judgement says OK. So we wait by his car and then mu realizes he running out of gas and the fuel light comes on so just as we pull out we see Shaun and his mistress come out of the mall (LIE 1). So we get to the gas station and we figure that Shaun drives slow as shit verses mus nascar racing road crazy style that we could catch up to him. So i txt him pool hall and then he eventually calls me saying hes game and hes at the dnd at market so me and mu race over there bam we see his mistress n his car waiting. So then we tail him so more til he parks somewhere in the iron bound to begin to do ungodly things. Long story short Shaun Swore that all he did was drop her off and head home. (LIE 2) Why lie when ur friend is crazy and he wud do stupid shit like follow u out of boredom.

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