Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Memory Lane Tuesday: The Edward 40hand Challenge

I figure since something crazy doesn't happen everyday in my life, I'll devote every Tuesday to a past event that was ridiculous and crazy.

So I decided to write this Memory Blog about my past 21st birthday party. It all started when I received a phone call from my New Brunswick friend Kara saying she challenges me to Edward 40 hands for my birthday. Now to those unaware of what exactly the Edward 40 hands challenge is.. it is a where a man gets 2 40's duct tape to each hand and he is not allowed to remove either one until both are finish....trust me it makes going to the bathroom very interesting. So back to the party there was only one other drunkard ready to take a challenge with me and his name is Carlos Delgado.Carlos began strong by breaking man law and taping my beer bottle which sent my bottle overflowing.He began suckling his bottle like a gerbil drinking from a water bottle. Whereas already started the competition drunk was struggling to keep up. Carlos was finished bottle one whereas i was barely half way. I was cursing Kara for this devilish competition were my soul and mind spinning in a circle. Long story short i ended up throwing up the drunkenly eaten doritos in the bathroom and carlos beat me unphased from the contest. I challenge those readers to embark forward and u take the Edward 40hand challenge.

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