Monday, March 12, 2007

Us versus White Belmar Guy

So as normal we decided to take a random driving trip. However as we been to damn near everywhere in Nj we decided to pay our humble boss a visit in Belmar around 11ish at night. So we of course dont tell rob about our suprise visit the plan was to get out take a picture of robs house then text him the picture of his house. So what happens is Shaun couldnt get a picture of the house so we drove around to get Mu's car lights shine on the house so Shauns there trying to get a picture and then all of the sudden one of Robs neighbors came out and then Shaun sprinted towards the car and the guy began to take off his jacket and run towards the car. So Mu's does the black thing and peels off. Shaun didnt get the picture and we got chase by a crazy white man which ended that great idea. That was our first and last visit to Belmar

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