Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Group: Ryan

The group consists of my three closest friends. People that can say anything they ever want about me or anyone in my life. Mustamirr Ryan Tahri are the members of the group. Tonight Ryan Mustamirr and I went to Tops and I havent seen Ryan in a while but hes one of those friends we cant see each other for 20 years and then see each other and its like we never skipped a beat. So on the way back I ride with Ryan and he starts tearing into me about school. It kind of doesn't help that tonight going to my Aunts house everyone seem to care about everything thats going on in my life. But back to Ryan everything he said sunk deep at one point he said that he wants more for me then for his own brother. I mean shit like that is deep. He wants me to live up to the dreams that everyone wants for me. Everyone Everyone in my life wants me to achieve this goal this endgame status of savior but I dont see it I dont I guess I cant and It likes wut the fuck do I do what the hell im happy now but tonight his passion for more for me put doubt in my mind about my future. Had it been anyone else I wud have been like to hell with them but because it was ryan Im starting to question it all

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  1. Your so gay. Thats it. Expect nothing more or less from me.