Sunday, August 12, 2007

Fuckin Party Man

So the last party was kinda of a disappointment but as unusual there were plenty of high points mixed in with a bunch of crazy random shit.

1. Carlos took five shots of Bacardi to the face after he had been heavily drinking, At which point Abe challenge him to a game of Edward 40 hands. Carlos in between consciousness was able to kill one bottle before vomiting.

2. Abe started to puke at the same time however began to vomit on Carlos's head which he stated, " I thought I could puke through him!" Abe is a monster when he is sober and he is a monster with personality when drunk.
Abe (to random guy): Hey whats your name?
Random guy (begins to speak)
Abe: It doesn't fucking matter what your name is, I'm Abe Lee bitch!

3. 2 Drunken Couples decided it would be a good idea to take a shower together. In which I opened the door to catch a chick in her bra and panties and the other couple making out good times i guess?

4. Carlos passed out under some table got up and decided he needed to pee on the wall for a min and a half then hug the TV then pass out on some speaker which pretty much sums up his life in a nutshell.

5. We all enjoy listening to people have sex.

6. Shaun drunk dial our boss left him a voicemail calling him an asshole.

7. Carlos makes the list again... After watching the bathroom escapde we return the living room where Carlos has his pants down to his ankles and Eddie is telling us to remain silent so Carlos could make his point. Turns out later all Eddie said to Carlos is that his point would sound better if his pants where off Carlos agreed and took his pants off.

Oh what a nite......