Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The search for love is like anal sex with no lube its hard and rough but everyone wants to do it !

Alright, so this next blog isn’t going to attack anybody based on appearance, gender, or belief system. Shocking, I know. My next blog is going to attack all the hopeless, sappy motherfuckers who are on an endless journey to find this fallacy of “true love.” Now don’t misunderstand me, I believe that love does exist and people are entitled to find it. However, there are too many of you lame assholes out there who feel that the one goal in your life is to find this so-called love that you have a misinterpretation of. I know even more people will say, “Hey Anthony you’re only writing about this because you were hurt by someone.” While that maybe true it’s not the source for this topic. I went through my bouts of saying ohh woe is me I need to find love while listening to Music Soulchild thinking that whoever I was in “love” with at the time was the one I needed to be with at all cost in order to fill some void in my life. You know what I got a job then I got responsibilities then I got bills then I realized you know what I was a little bitch back then. I got alotta shit on my plate and either I find someone to come along this wild ride with me or I don’t. There’s no way in hell I’m making finding that person my reason for living. You cant you’ll never be happy until it’s too late or you end up wasting your youth on someone not worth it.

Love isn’t when the person who you’re in “love” with tells you that they feel complete around you, but then is hooking up with some other guy or chick in some alley next to a green dumpster. Yet you still keep them around because you feel people make mistakes and someone as important as they are is entitled to second chances. No, you’re being a fucking moron.

Love isn’t chasing after one person for years after publicly declaring that they don’t mean shit to you, but then sacrificing everything you have in your life in the hopes that this “covenant” is worth it. What you’re doing is retarded.

Love isn’t being sappy and declaring that you’re that guy who will make an honest woman out of a gutterslut in the hopes that it change her ways of fucking anything that has a penis. That’s called being a sucker. Whatever you think you’re chasing isn’t love, it’s probably called a whore or a scumbag. To them, love is having that control over you and keeping your emotions in check aka being mind rape to think that literally rainbows come out there ass.

We all know that people who obsess over love do a lot of stupid shit. We change our personalities to accommodate people; we fly cross country in some grand gesture hoping it would be taken as a token of our love. We even invoke the lord’s name praying, thinking God will honestly gives a fuck about who we want in our lives when there is so many other important things going on in the world.

All I’m saying is that this eternal obsession with “love” is ridiculous. It makes you look like a fool and an idiot. Listen this blog is written for everyone but most of the people I know are in there late 20s and younger. If you’re looking for love now and thinking it will complete you for the rest of your life you need to wake up and smell reality because if you don’t think you can make it in the world without that special someone by 22 life gets to be a lot fucking harder than that. Do I know what is love is? Not completely. I do know that I felt great after leaving a little bit of my love in this girl’s mouth last night, though.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The only thing that is Quiet about you is Your Thoughts!

This next blog is dedicated to all of you ebony princesses out there on behalf of my silent white brothers. I am sick and tired of you gold hoop with your name earring wearing, prosthetic nail having, six kids in the welfare line possessing, no shame or pride, loud black women. Yeah, that's right, I went there. I'm talking about those bitches who are always complaining about something. Either their weave is too tight, the line at local chicken shack is taking too long, or they are the women who think that they know all the right answers and want to make it known to the world. If you have read this far and already said, "this not me, this nigga ant crazy," then you are exactly one of the bitches I am talking about. Go get your GED. The thing that really upsets me is why do you have to open your mouth about everything and say it so loudly that the whole world can hear. I assure your yelling falls like silence on the deaf ears of the sailors of the boats on the middle passage. No one cares. There's no fucking reason for it. Nobody cares about how cute "yo baby" is when you haven't even passed high school. A saying that came to mind, it is better to be silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. For all you morons out there, this means shut up instead of polluting the space around me with your ignorant thoughts. The sad thing is these women think they are the shit when really they are just a pile of it. Seriously, some women need to reevaluate there lives and realize that the world is bigger than broad and market (for my Newark people). To conclude black women wonder why so many black men like big white women its simply because they know when to shut the fuck up and can take a hit better… ::bows:: Thank you and good night.