Saturday, March 10, 2007

Abe versus the Annoying Movie Cell Phone Guy

So what a boring and uneventful week but before I get into the Abe and cell phone guy story, I went to the circus which was interesting because we got box seats and the frig was full of beer and yes I admit I drank half a beer then I realized that it was 11:30am and I was at the circus with my best friends family yes yes sad I know.... The one cure to the boredom was the movies on Friday in which Abe did something crazy as usual. So were at the movies watching 300 when someones cell phone goes off and its some annoying 50 cent song. So while in a white movie theater people ignore it and keep watching the movie, however in Jersey Gardens movie theater an uproar begins and people begin to shout at the guy. The cell phone continues to ring and ring finally we start to taunt Abe to handle it because hes the craziest and the person who pretty much has nothing to lose. In standard Abe fashion he rises slowly then carefully walking down the steps, listening, carefully homing in on the sound and then found the guy was asleep and woke him and told him to turn it off and then the whole theater applauded Abe for his heroic work.

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