Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hotpocket of Death

SO everyone knows Im not the nicest of people and I typically hate anything that opens its mouth.

-I abandon Abe because he tooked too long to come outside once.
-Ive choked him once because he made one fat joke too many although he said a little bit of semen came out pretty nasty.
-I mock him constantly for his crazy actions.
-I talk about how I would have sex with his sister and then tell him about it.
-I occasionally call his mom a whore but he does too so ehhh.
-New people that we meet we immediately tell them about Abe and the crazy shit he does so they have an informed opinion about him.
-I ate his lunch once

So as payback Abe licked my Hot Pocket without me knowing and then watched me eat it.
That is all.

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