Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Just something I took from my pastors last sermon that I have to throw into the blog until I get the you tube project link up here. Which is after this transcribe version.

Mickey’s long dead now but Mickey is the one who taught him [Rocky Balboa] and train him and taught him to have heart. He remembers how Mickey tells him, you know there comes a day where your down and defeated and nobody cares and nobody wants you and nobody believes in you but you GOTTA GET UP BECAUSE I LOVE YOU ROCK and Rocky gets up and beats Tommy Gunn. I want you tell there comes a time in your walk with God when you stumble and you fall and you fell beat down by the world beat down by people beat down by sin and I want to tell you that Jesus is the one who is standing there. Jesus is the one who needs to come to your mind. He is the voice you need to hear in your head. GET UP BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!!!!! GET UP!!!!! because my power is available GET UP!!!! and keep going.

Just what I needed to hear. This is such a powerful message almost as powerful as a memory verse. It needs to just be played daily because I forget this sooo many times during my day. Although the pleasure of the peace it brings you is like no other.

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