Sunday, June 13, 2010

My response to Fred's Blog

His Blog link is here:

The titled of his last entry was "I believe that children are our future...not all of them." Had some interesting points. The entry is linked above. Here is my response to that entry.

I am going to have to disagree on the society part. I think that society has a tremendous role here in child rearing. You said there are people who have step up and overcome. A great quote I heard once said we judge too often by the exception and not by the rule. Society needs to adjust and adapt to this current state of parental guidance or lack of parental guidance I should say. It a very complex issue. I would have to say it starts with the economic status of these people. Working all these jobs and not being able to be at home or attend the PTA meetings or parent teacher conferences. With that said even days off are not really days off. Take a look at our minimum wage in this country it’s a joke. Literally do these parents have time for the children there having?

Then the inspiration line toward the end kind of bothered me. F#uK Obama. There I said it. Does being black in the white house a big deal yeah but what does it really mean. Is racism over? Has poverty ended? No! The answer is simply not at all. If he was a true inspiration to Black people then he would be making different kind of strides. He falls short in a lot of ways. Inspiration comes from recognition and desire to change. All of that is internal. The one point where we probably agree on is education. I am not talking about the crap they teach in schools and college. I am talking about life experience kind of education. I am talking about realizing the world is not just Broad and Market kind of education. Like I said the shit is complex and complicated. While you and I have both good rants the main point is what is next? How do we combat this? While you complain and make a social commentary what solutions do you bring forward. I am all ears. Personally I do not feel equipped to lead an real fight now but that’s due to a lot of personal shit. I am educating myself for that day where I think it’s time and we start making moves is the best way for me to go about thing. Now I am ranting anyways good piece.

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