Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July

Tonight was an interesting night. After two previous nights of moderate drinking I expected to go all in tonight for the July 4th. I did take a couple of shots and had a nice buzz going but of course the 15 minute walk to the beach ended that quickly LOL. One of my friends was really drunk and going through some things needed someone to help him and watch him and console him. I took it as my cross to bear. It was interesting as I was talking to this young man about his problems it made my own so apparent. I am amazed at how the culmination of my life and different experiences helped me give comfort to this guy. I have to give it up to God on this one. I knew exactly the pain he felt and everything he was going through and I was able to emphasize with him. I know I have my many flaws and never thought of myself as a decent human being. Hell, I needed someone else in my life to prove to my own self that I was not a scumbag. While I was right in needing something in my life to prove I am not a scumbag…(God) I was wrong in thinking I could rely on people. I am just glad that people can rely on me. Tonight proved that. It proved I am not a scumbag I am decent human being and a hell of a guy.

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