Friday, July 16, 2010


God put a heavy conversation on my heart tonight and it was simply amazing. The 24 years of my life are actually starting to make sense. Everything I mean absolutely everything. The good experiences to the bad experiences it all is coming to fruition. I have been praying that I can see my life as God sees my life. I pray for that so instead of always wondering about the short term I would be able to see the long term. It’s not at all a desire to be like God but a desire to understand God’s will. God wants me here in CT for a purpose. I feel that purpose growing stronger and stronger. I feel my inclination to fight it dissolving. Man working through people I have seen God do some amazing things. Some things I could not find beauty in before I am starting to see the wonder of it. I was moved tonight man seriously moved. Loyalty Strength Friendship….all amazing words when seen in action.

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