Saturday, July 31, 2010


I have been feeling some kind of way lately and I have no source of the cause. I know one thing is for certain I am at peace with myself. I am neither motivated or depress I am kinda of just coasting. It feels weird for all kinds of reasons. I just finished up the book of Job I am pretty excited to be in Psalms because I know how encouraging and uplifting that book can be.

Jim and I put up the banner for the VBS today and I thought it was cool. Hanging out with Jim is always some kind of enlightening experience. No matter what he is still an inspiration of God in my life. He is a good example of why fellowship is so important.

I finished a Charles Stanley book called Landmines. It was a really good read. It helped me look at my life in all kinds of ways. I am trying to be a more understanding and patient person. I am also asking for God to let me look at my life just as he looks at my life. Through that kind of viewpoint your understanding just naturally grows.

I know this entry is pretty all over the map but I am physically tired and yet cannot go to sleep so I figured I type some thoughts up.

I have been feeling the ridin solo song. It makes me feel like I am moving forward. It’s interesting to see the woman God has put in my life at this time. I am comfortable with being single though. It helps me focus on God first like every Christian should be. My past relationship was not a Godly one and I understand that. It is weird to even admit that but I guess that’s apart of moving forward.

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