Monday, July 26, 2010

My Baptism WOOP WOOP

My baptism was yesterday and I was nervous as could be. I do have to describe the events leading up to it, which I found both comically and amusing. The night before the baptism the Jersey crew rolled up here. Cindy Shaun and Freke. We proceeded to hang out with Cam and watch him beat Shaun at NHL. Cindy had other plans in mind which were to make me work like a slave and clean my room. So after the room nazi lol had finished, we met up with the crew and headed over to one of the guys house for drinks. Mr. Shea was completely annihilated and it was rough. He said some things that because I know my audience I won’t share. So the CT crew proceeded to ask the Jersey crew stories of my past. They said the CT Anthony is all responsible and that they call me Uncle Anthony. I laughed at the funny thoughts that name invokes. So Shaun and Freke being drunk go on to say, “The old Anthony would take a shot out of a mans butt for $20 and a beer.” Great I think to myself. We all laugh and had some fun it was a great night. I did not drink that much lol to the disappointment of some.

The morning I was just nervous it was weird. We all got ready and went to church and my friends enjoyed the serviced and so did I. It just helped me remain strong and remind me that I was doing the right thing in my heart. Audrey txt me asking me if she could come after a couple of txts back and forth my final txt was “Who are you gonna make trouble with my friends do hate you but they respect me enough to tolerate u hopefully like I said idc its on you” She did not respond and she did not end up coming and I pretty much knew that, that was going to happen. It was just a distraction. So then later on we go to the church where it went down and I get a call from my granny saying that there just out of the GWB and that they were still traffic. I told them to turn around it broke my heart, but I still love my granny. That really made me sad. I saw Audrey’s Mom and APH which made me extremely happy as well as Earl and Gene Goodwin which again made me extremely happy. Both these groups of people have been very influential in my walk with God. It was interesting to see the people who showed up it literally gave me a joy in my heart only the Lord could equal. I got some news at the reception that again was distracting but did not take away from the day.

I love my friends and families that were there for me and nothing on this planet could have been made that moment as great as it was. Being able to look out and see friends from CT and Jersey all gathered in one place to recognize this big step I took in my life was beyond amazing. I literally love all my friends. I would do anything for them and them coming out for my baptism was a symbol of the love they have for me. God’s limitless grace and love can be found in people and those people were in attendance yesterday at the church.

P.S I was so happy to get baptized with Jim. He has been an amazing instrument of God and is again a human personification of God’s love and grace. He is my brother in Christ and I am extremely happy to be his brother as well. The man inspires me to follow him as he follows Christ just as Paul said.

P.P.S Gene Goodwin saying Mfreke's name was funny because he introduced himself as Monk was a great moment too.

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