Saturday, March 31, 2012

Drunk Bastards

Well last night sobriety finally caught up to me as I flipped out on my drunk friends for not wanting to leave at 2am. They wanted to chill around and talk to some drunk chick who obviously had a bf. They both were hammered and I do recognize the irony in the situation. I was extremely tired and I just wanted to leave. I had been sipping on ginger ales all night long and seen so many drunk people that I was tempted as ridiculous as that sounds. It is a lifestyle that is easy to get caught up in. I love being the life of the party which makes me influential. I said in a previous blog that I feel I am popular person who is very influential in the groups I run in. I am glad I have stop drinking and I recognize that its a hard lifestyle change but like I've said before its a necessary one.

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