Sunday, March 11, 2012

Psalm 46:10

I want to have a meeting with my boss about some of the problems I see at work. I just just don't want to feel like I am making the same mistakes twice. I don't want to be the rabblerouser. I honestly don't. I just feel under utilize and at the same time I do not have a full grasp of what is really expected of me. I want to do the job justice, but I do not know if I have all the tools that are needed to do the job well. The manager in me just wants to correct the small organizational systemic problems. I have to laugh out loud as I read that last sentence. Who am I kidding? I am always going to be a trouble maker and a questioner. This is who I am. I just need to be more tactful and cannot be malicious and aggressive even though that is my typical style. Just need to pray about everything for guidance and see what opportunities God opens up to me this week. The theme getting the job was Psalm 46:10 and I think that must be the theme in keeping to the job or using that verse to motivate me to be still at the very least. Like I said I guess the best thing for me to do is pray on it and wait to see what happens.

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