Thursday, March 8, 2012

Why America’s Youth need KONY2012 movement

I have seen so much hate and so much positive from the Kony movement. I am sure by now everyone knows what it is. I for one think it is a good thing and before you roll your eyes and cite articles on fraud and blah blah blah let me explain something. Every organization is riddle with some type of scam scandal or whatever have you. Don’t believe me type in the name of any organization and type fraud or scam after it and read what articles come up.

I believe in the Kony movement for different reasons. I am a huge huge fan of grassroots movements. I hate to say it but even the tea partiers deserve a nod even though personally I think they are bat shit crazy. Although, I am pretty sure the same thing can be said of the Occupy movements. I think the mobilization of people is important and the day it stops happening is the day something beautiful dies. I believe in the Kony movement because “young people” are so damn apathetic and self-involve that it is legit scary. Their concept of reality and what society owes them is so marred and disconnected from the truth again it is scary. When I see people giving a shit about something other than themselves, it’s a beautiful thing. The catalyst for this movement can be argued and debated the money again argued and debated but if they are donating their time and energy for a cause then again it’s a beautiful thing. I support it because once we can be united in things abroad it is only a matter of time before we start becoming united domestically. I support it because it is a grassroots movement with a bipartisan feel.

Another argument that is made is the white people messiah complex or guilt. I like what Don Cheadle had to say on the entire issue so I will quote it here.

"Still cycling through the info. Firsthand: I have been to the night commuters camps, world vision and the like. No Q Kony is a bad guy," he wrote. "But divergent perspectives I find informative and the truth often lies somewhere betwixt and between what's proffered. You must use your.. critical minds and innate instincts to decide for yourselves while leaving open the possibility to understand more as more is understood.
"I never swallow the whole hook of the stated goals of ANY government, ours included, but their possible 'hidden agenda' notwithstanding," he continued. "Kony is on the ICC's list for a reason and his deeds are well documented. I believe in Ugandans solving Ugandan's problems. Tricky situ. Assisting the Ugandan government and letting them ultimately resolve and solve their internal issues are not mutually exclusive acts. we need to be wary of traditionally paternalistic attitudes toward other nations and make sure we are acting as 'helpers' not encroachers."

Cynicism does not get you anywhere. At least for something Invisible Children the “scumbag” organization brought to light a man few people knew existed. If you do not have a solution or suggestions or remedies than complaints offer nothing more to the dialogue and in fact take away from it. I think the KONY movement is important because it reminds people that in 2012 that opinion and voicing that opinion is the most powerful thing that continues to stand the test of time even in this digital age.

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