Thursday, June 7, 2012

Granny's Doc Appointment n Big Guy

It was pretty serious. Granny was pretty out of it today. She was just all around tired and not feeling well because of the chemo. She lost 4lbs and weighs about 118lbs. She lost all her hair and wears a scarf like a pirate. It cracks me up. She wanted to get a du rag to start rocking. My cousin told me that and I could not help but laugh out loud. Granny continues to be ridiculous no matter what the situation is. Sometimes when I am over her house I just stare at her as she sleeps. She will wake up in the middle of her "power nap" and sort of crack a half smile at me and it just melts my heart. Granny is the number one woman in my life always. I could not even imagine my life without her. I know I should not be thinking the worst but my mind kind of automatically goes there. I think its bad in the way, you should not be pessimistic, however I just think I should be prepare whatever the case is.

In other news, I talked to Brendan today and it was a good conversation. I really do miss the big guy and how direct he is and how much important it is to have good mentors in your life. You never get too old to have a mentor. I think it is important to have access to a level of wisdom and a perspective that we just can't see or view because we are generally in tune only to our point of view. Interesting stuff going on.

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