Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Sometimes I wish we could really see our life as God sees it. We wouldn't worry about the tribulations of today because of the promise of tomorrow. I wish that I knew in 10 years that my life would make more sense than it does now. I just wish I had the answers to a couple of questions that's all. I wish there was a wee bit more certainty to several decisions past and present.

Recently in several conversations I bring up the topic of perspective. Perspective is probably the most important thing when it comes to rationally looking at your life. We can be the victim or we can be proactively working to put ourselves in the best position possible. We can look at the consequences of our actions and either provide a logical rational or spiritual outlook on it or we can just fully go into it emotional guns a blazing. Perspective allows us the freedom to move forward or stay in the past. It allows us to continue being hurt or to release any strongholds in our life.

Its so hard to be strong sometimes. I am not even speaking in terms of manhood but in terms of being a person. Sometimes the reality of getting up each and everyday can honestly take an emotional and physical toll on a person. I try to turn to God and let him be the well of my strength but even that act alone is a mighty and seems ever daunting.

I do not struggle with a great deal of things like I used to, however my mental battles always seem ever raging. I don't know why. I don't know where I can truly find solace. I try with Gods word but after the sermon the intense literary critique that I read the word of God with makes it hard to look at it with the same simplicity as before. I don't know. I feel the answer lies in prayer. Deep Deep prayer.

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