Sunday, March 13, 2011

God has a plan for me?....Nahhhh

I really feel God working on me man and its tough. Its like cmon God I know what you want me to do but it really doesn't work out on what I want to do right now and of course to that God laughs. I know right now my heart is not into Haggar and it has not been for quite some time but the icing on the cake was my con call last week. I want to go back in Jersey but God has done everything short of putting out a big neon sign that says, " Anthony your time here is not up yet!"

Look at me currently I am on this trip with my pastor to a missions conference in Maryland and last week I was at an evangelism conference in Massachusetts. I am learning a great from these things but the real underlying tone is hey Anthony get your life together for God purpose for you. Not only that but be satisfied in that even though it does not necessarily mean its the same plan you have for yourself. How long can anybody really wrestle with God. There is that old expression shit or get off the pot. While using a profane word in an entry about God can seem crude but I am sure that God can tolerate my disobedience when it comes to His plan for me for only so long. I honestly believe God puts a burden on all of our hearts. Sometimes we are definitely not open to hearing what God has plan for us because the noise of what we have plan for us seems to resonate sooo much louder. I definitely struggle with this a great deal and but I am excited to see where the struggle takes me.

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