Thursday, December 2, 2010

Making Moves for 2011 (100th Post)

There are great things going on in my life right now that could set 2011 to be a great year professionally and educationally for me. The first two things that are on my plate is the possibility of coming back home to Jersey. I mean how great that would be. Connecticut has taught me a whole lot about myself but lets me real Jersey and Newark is where I need to be.

The first opportunity is working at Reebok in Jersey Gardens which would mean more money and a chance to be right back in the mix of things again. That would be interesting because I would be working with Maria and Abe again. That in itself should be reason enough to head back. I have started the application process online and I have already faxed my resume and cover letter to the district manager. I am pretty confident in getting the interview and even more confident that if I go in there I can get the job..God willing of course.

The second opportunity which I am not really counting on anymore is the possibility of another Haggar store opening in Jersey. That would be the best case scenario to move my seniority and job stability. I don’t think this scenario is going to happen though because of numerous circumstances in and out of my control.

The other thing that has me a little souped is the possibility of finishing up my associates degree. I know that it is pretty much meaningless but the thing is that it would be a small accomplishment to hold onto. I know that it will give me the much needed fire to finish up the remaining 2 years I would have on my bachelor’s degree. Now I have even discussed with my adviser that If I take either of the Jersey jobs that I could still finish my degree by the summer or fall of 2011. That would settle everyone’s arguments about me coming back and saying to hell with school. I know I want to go further and finish up and get my BA like I should have done all those many years ago. The funny thing is that I look at my life now I realize I was in a better place than when I went to Rutgers. I am in an extremely pretty good place. I have found a new life in God and despite my stumbles or struggles I am content to say at least there is a standard of morality that I abide by and it is due to my found spirituality and great fellowship I like to maintain. As the cheesy movie said.."I'm preparing for rain!"

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