Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Traditions

Christmas means different things to different people. As a Christian the answer easily becomes the birth of Christ and etc etc. For other people it means family time and presents. I have never really been one for presents even though occasionally I do like giving them. This Christmas was the 2nd year in the row were Shaun and I and this time Abe went down to Rob’s house for Christmas to spend it with his family for dinner and great deserts. It definitely did not feel like Christmas until we hit Rob’s house. The atmosphere in there was just overflowing with kindness care and love. From the two beagles decked out in Christmas attire to the 1200 light bulbs on the Christmas tree. The best was being described the rule of thumb on how to properly light a Christmas tree. It was really a good time. Side note it was also great having breakfast with Shaun's grandparents for the 2nd year in a row. It was nice hearing the stories of when they used to date 40 some odd years ago.

I have to talk about Christmas eve because I hung out with Freke and Abe and it was just a fun time and a great way to bring in the holiday. Secondly, because I reached out to Audrey and wished her a happy holiday. That was just interesting because part of me wanted to do it and the other part didn’t but I figured what the hell there is nothing wrong with being kind on Christmas. Happy Holidays I hope everyone enjoy theirs as much as I enjoyed mine.

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