Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Birthday Woop Woop

Today, I am 25 and I feel great. This year I am full of optimism and hope for this year. I feel really comfortable in my skin. I do have some casual bouts of anxiety and depression but they tend to be fleeting moments. I really feel comfortable about my life and the direction I am headed. I wanted todays update to be the first post of 2011 even though there have been some eventful events that occurred this month.

I think on the big things that is taking place is that Lighthouse has a building. It is awesome that literally a year ago I was an infant in Christ and I have been able to grow in my walk with God and despite the occasional slip up I have been put on path which there is no going back from. Its great and I have even acceptable the task of preparing and preaching a sermon on the 20th.

Shaun’s birthday was fun and different. I like when we can summon all the crew together and just reminisce about the old times and have some fun. It’s so good to laugh with the crew and at each other’s expense of course.

I should be finish with my associate’s degree in the summer and we’ll see where I end up after that. Haggar is going well and it’s just the same thing and another year. My DM was fired and replace and life goes on. I am encouraged each day and just moving forward. I am excited to see what God has in stored for me this year. It’s in his hands and because of that I know I can go wrong.

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