Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Be a Galaxy: Hope for 2011 & reflection on 2010

We are getting close to the end of 2010. This year has been a year of significant ups and downs. I got into my first real relationship and also experienced my first real heartbreak. I started going back to school this year and it’s looking like in 2011 I will finish up my associates and start my bachelors. This is something I should have finished all those years ago. My plans to come back to Jersey seem ever looming but who knows. In June there is a possibility of a Philly Haggar store but as my past has taught me don’t count on it. I have found that I kind of started a life here despite my continued growing pains. I have turned over a great deal of staff and with that I went through some anxieties. I think one of the most important things that I could have ever experienced this year is finding a church and faith in a salvation through Christ. It has given me a great perspective on life and a new life. I know I stumble and sin but that is human nature the difference is how I respond to said sin.

At the end of this year one of my best friend’s relative was diagnose with a terrible disease. I want to reach back and hug him so much. That crazy bastard is my brother and I'd do anything for him and despite how he said he feels I know the internal turmoil that, that man is going through. I pray and I ask everyone else to pray as well. Love is the only thing that can get him and those around him through this.

I feel that I have changed so much as a person this year. I feel that so much is different. I remember how last year I felt my life circling the drain and that I had no hope. The end of this year is just about hope. I look onto the horizon and I don’t know what God has in stored for my future or what crazy turns my life will take. I don’t even think I am ready, however; I sure am optimistic. My friends have had a lot of changes they went through as well. New jobs gained old jobs lost. Marriages and engagements. New life and losses of life. Such a roller-coaster ride of a year.

There are things I am going to miss there are people that aren’t in my life now that were in the beginning of the year. There are friendships that have failed and friendships that have been reaffirmed. Life and its journey as rough as it can be somehow still manages to give me hope for next year. Hope is definitely my motto for 2011.

Side Note: This Rocky speech always gets me souped. This Cassidy song always gets me pumped especially the line "If you a star, I'm a galaxy Nigga!" Also got to put my 3 favorite bible verses this year. Hosea 6:1-3 Matthew 6:34 Proverbs 3:5-6

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