Saturday, November 20, 2010

So Ant's an Uncle...yay <---- complete sarcasm

My brother’s girlfriend just had her kid which may or may not be my brother’s kid. The first question I asked my dad who told me via fb chat (that I was an uncle) was whether or not they did a paternity test already. My father immediately said, “Don’t bring up the ugly.” to which I responded, “You mean the reality.”

I am just speechless and appalled that I grew up and was raised by two individual so clueless in life. That literally that them being involved in the raising of children is completely susceptible to child endangerment at every turn. They are literally idiots. I think I would have been better raised by wolves. In fact it seems that I was raised by wolves or some other kind of animal perhaps goldfish. I digress.

My biggest pet peeve is that my brother may potentially have a kid and no income and no means of self support. I am literally just fearful for his future the future of his family and especially the future of that child. I mean I know I want a family and I want kids but I am willing to do whatever it takes and however it takes to provide for my family and child. I know what life’s responsibilities have to offer. I am not an idiot. Being a husband and a father are two very serious things which I know my brother is not ready for. Having a kid is by no means a way to learn responsibility. A person should be responsible before entering parenthood. A person should have had some kinda of struggle in his or her life before they ever know what it is like to struggle with having your own kid. Damn the reality is that I am very fearful for that kid and its future. I want the best for my brothers and I want them to be the men I know they can be and the men that God wants them to be. I am tired and I feel the rambling coming on so Ill just end it on that note.

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  1. Its times like this when i realize why the bible puts such strict rules on sex, because stuff like this happens.