Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Abe the great

So Shaun, Abe and I are drinking with a buddy of ours down in Belmar. No public urination tickets for us this time. So we’re all having a good time and enjoying ourselves drinking bullshitting doing what guys do best. Abe as usual has been the quietist guy there not really talking just quietly drinking and what have you. So the other guys say “Hey what’s up with this guy we gotta get him outta his shell!” Shaun and I quickly respond, “You don’t want to do that. Abe is a fucking monster etc etc!” One guy starts giving Abe shots and calling him a pussy to keep pushing him on. After 6 consecutive shots Abe’s done we know he’s drunk at this point. So we all get ready to head out to the bar. We take the elevator downstairs and as we get out there’s this woman late 30’s mid 40’s standing there waiting to get on. Abe out of nowhere runs up to here and proceeds to yell in her face “HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR DICK!” Then he of course starts manically laughing in her face. The lady flips out starts cursing and all kinds of shit. She calls the cops. At this point Shaun and I think nothing of it and keep walking. We’re from Newark this kinda of shit is normal to us. The friends of our friends freak out get all nervous start saying they’re going to get kick out of the building arrested and blah blah …what a bunch of bitches.

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