Wednesday, July 8, 2009

And ill call this one Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake
The reason for the name is because of course she had multiple layers hehe. I just don’t know what my fascination with the big girls………oh yeah that’s right they are easier to sleep with. So of course I am at the local Westbrook drinking bar and I begin to scope out the joint. I see her sitting alone I figured bingo. So after walking around a bit kind of noticing her and kind of not she ends up striking up a conversation with me. Comes to find out she is the assistant manager from the big and tall store in the same outlets I work at. Go figure. The world knows me so striking up a conversation with someone in my same field is pretty easy and yet it’s terrible how Haggar has completely dominated my life. We start comparing sales figures and shit it’s just sad. Towards the end of the night she asks if she can come back to my place to watch a movie. I’m thinking wow this chick wants the Ant man or she’s really really drunk.
She comes back to my room and then she’s like ok take your shirt off and where is your lotion. I’m like wtf. She begins to massage my body and my nipples dousing her hands with lotion. I am not going to lie, felt fucking great. So then she gets all riled up and wet and shit and she’s like, “Your dick my mouth.” This is some shit I can really get behind. She starts blowing me and of course she has some jager with her. She takes a shot of jager spits it on my junk and then proceeds to blow it off. I know how fucking awesome is that. We have sex about three times. She ends up sleeping over which I don’t know what possess me not to kick her the fuck out but I didn’t. I guess I’m nice like that. Which I end up regretting cuz she fucking wetted a huge ass spot on my mattress not to mention some of my blankets. I was pissed. But you know what some good fucking sex sooo shit happens.

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