Sunday, June 7, 2009

Don’t pee in Belmar Unless it’s in an actual bathroom

Anthony Bangs a Pregnant Chick

I had sex with Melissa again the same day she found out shes two months pregnant. What makes that story blogworthy is the fact that, at first she didn’t want to have sex saying and I quote. “Noooo, I don’t want to make it worst.” HA! like she can get more pregnant. I was over her house with some other dudes. They both were gay and decided to get it on in the other room. Melissa decided to watch them blow each other. I stayed in the room. She comes back all horny and decides she does in fact want to get it on.

Public Urination

After coming out of a bar in Belmar me and shaun decided to take a piss behind some gas station. Well of course it being south jersey and white and all. They decide they want to hold the black man down by giving him a $350 public urination ticket. To maintain integrity of the story the cops said since we were being cooperative that they were only giving one of us the ticket and luckily it was shaun.

Quotes of the Summer So far

Mfreke (to me whispering quietly and intently) “So Anthony you trying to get into some shit tonight.”

Carlos (to random path train girls) “You wanna go in between the train and I’ll finger you.”

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