Thursday, August 27, 2009

End of Legacy

Jersey Gardens Store 61 closed on Monday the 24th of August. To put it simply I am the man I am today because of that place. I am where I am professionally because of that store. My friends became my family in that store. The boss Rob became the father figure that I needed and looked for in that store. Jersey Gardens taught me how to take responsibility for something other than myself. It taught me to excel at something and even if it seems futile. That you still had to keep going no matter what. People say a job is just a job and I feel sorry for them because they will never understand the complete and utter joy ….well sometimes joy that I had while walking through those sensormatics. I knew that during my 8-12hrs there that I would have fun, share stories, and see crazy shit that could only happen in Elizabeth NJ. If I could count the times I had emotional breakdowns in that backroom I would be better at math. If I could count the times that Maria or Rob or anyone else brought me a meal because I didn’t have one it would be impossible. The stories, the god damn stories that we have; if those walls could talk we all would have been fired a long ass time ago. I’m sad because I feel like a big part of my life was taken away from me. I always felt no matter what Jersey Gardens Haggar store would always be there. The bonds I created with the people there I know will transcend time but we all know it just won’t be the same. I miss those guys already and it’s not like their even dead. I’ve devoted so much time and energy to that company to that store how could I not feel like I’m not losing apart of myself. I never thought a place could make a person change so much. We all grew up in that store and became men including Maria lol. I could have left the store countless times for more money at different companies but that store gave me something that I didn’t realize I had until I did leave….it gave me happiness.

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  1. Wow...for you, that was deep! :) Sorry to hear though!