Saturday, December 20, 2008

The god damn lights are lit Part 2

On the way to Hells Kitchen in the ironbound three funny things happened. First the thing I neglected to mention is as it was snowing Shaun decided to throw snowballs at all of us which got the whole crew involved. So Abe of course usually gunning for me yells out FUCK YOU then hurls a monster ball at me I dodge it and watched it land with a loud ass thud on some white woman’s back. That moment was only topped by her boyfriend turning around seeing all us there and immediately saying “Oh its ok.”
There were few incidents on the train one Abe asking whether or not to inform the rest of the passengers on the path whether he has knives or not and me asking the train is it so wrong to have sex with a girl with Down syndrome and crutches. The answer to both is No by the way.

However the one moment that stands out once again including Mr. Abe Lee needs to be provided with a little background information. Abe Lee peed in two of our friends drinks. Carlos was an impromptu act of revenge for Carlos rubbing nasty ball sweat on Abe’s Hot pocket. Abe decided to pee in Meida’s drink out of sheer craziness cuz its what he does people. Carlos eventually found out about it and Meida didn’t know up til this point. On the train we were having a talk about the peeing incidents when Abe blurts out “DOES MEIDA KNOW!” As he saying this Meida is right behind him asking does Meida know what. The truth eventually comes out and Abe seals his legend becoming the Mad Pisser.

Once we get out of the path in Penn we all decided we need to use the bathroom. Of course a female crackhead tries to stroll on into the Mens bathroom while yelling “Imma gangsta” The transit cops quickly escort her out. After we all finish our bathroom break we proceed outside. Where the same lady comes up to us and asks us whether we could spare some change. To which I respond “look out shes a gangsta” and run away. Few blocks away from the scene we decide now its time to light them cigars up in honor of the celebration.

Once at Hells it was nice and empty and time to end the eve by poppin bottles of the cheapest champagne Carlos could afford. We all keep on with the drinkin. Rui makes a cameo me him Shaun talk about the store Abe eventually passes out which everyone seeks a golden opportunity for revenge. I try to color his face with marker only to fail but where I failed the rest of the gang strongly succeeded the pic of Abe with cock on his face will be posted shortly. In all the 16th was a great fuckin night.

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