Friday, December 19, 2008

The god damn lights are lit Part 1

A couple of months in the making the day had finally arrived December 16th our day of reckoning. I hadn’t touched the sweet Jersey soil in almost a month. Shaun was finishing up his last final. Carlos had become 21 and was about to stimulate the economy. Abe had purchased a new shirt and was itching to show it to the world.

All started with a txt “Knights of Rohan the lights of Gondor are lit. Are you ready to answer their call?” To which we all aptly responded. To signal the lights me the squad rights out to meet whatever challenge was thrown before us and tonight’s challenge was a congratulatory celebration of Shaun’s finishing of school. The eve started as usual light drinking. Abe and Shaun gravitated towards the beer pong table. Carlos and Meida towards the fooseball table and me and mu towards the seats. After watching Shaun and Abe lose consistently and Abe being pretty drunk already from drinking his Poland spring bottle of OJ and Vodka we decided to move on.

The next bar we went to was called the slaughtered lamb …on a side note Abe enjoyed the name. We decided to class it up a bit Mu Carlos Abe order Bombay sapphire martinis. Mu able to finish his and we all pretty much pressured Carlos to finish his then it comes to Abe who decides no he wont finish it but what he will do is add it to the concoction of OJ and Vodka. So he pretty much just added gin to the mix. He spills half his drink on the table starts freaking out about cleaning it takes the napkins from the tables around us trying to clean his mess. The waitress walks back looks at the mess near Abe and asks “Did you spill your drink? “ Instantaneously Abe responded with a “Nope” as he was practicing his response in his head. After all this Abe gets it in his head to start taking the utensil sets from off the table and putting them in his pocket. We proceed to leave and on to the next place.

The third bar was pretty uneventful just more boozing nothing too exciting happen. We decide to head back to the slaughtered lamb or at least another bar around there. We run into the waitress that served us outside and begins to tell her how he has her knives and would she like them back. Of course she responded with a resounding No. She gave us another bar to go to though she thought we would like. We end up walking to the bar and along the way some bouncer tries to entice us with an offer of half price drinks to which Abe responds GO fuck yourself. It’s safe to say Abe is drunk. We end up at the next bar see a bunch of suits make fun of Shaun for his eventual future and decide ehh its getting time to wrap shit up in jersey by popping bottles and smoking cigars.

to be continued

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