Monday, April 6, 2015

The journey to getting it together

So I decided to sign up for a credit repair company and begin the long and painful task of getting my finances together. I think what really prompted this whole thing was the house seed everyone has been trying to plant into my head. I know that wouldn't make me happy. I definitely do not want a house right now but I figure I will want one someday. I should start making moves to make it happen now. I realized that it is going to be a long battle but aint no time like the present. Another thing is I have been thinking about moving out and getting my own space...well at least with Abe somewhere. I figured why move out into an apartment when I can move out into a house. I started looking at places in Newark because that is where I can see myself for the foreseeable future. God only knows though. Anything can happen in the next year or so but that is where I have at least started. Other than that things are going pretty ok. I am waiting for some crazy shit to happen but maybe nothing is going to happen. Maybe those times are over but I am not holding my breathe. Any shit could happen at a moments notice. I want to write more about my loneliness but I think I will devote tomorrow's entry to that. I am trying to write more regularly because it is therapeutic.

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