Sunday, August 26, 2012


I never seem to have enough time and it bothers me. That was probably the main reason for this post but now I don't really feel like elaborating on that.  Granny is in the hospital again. That makes me mad because I just want her to be well already. I saw childhood photos today and my granny looked absolutely stunning. Those pictures definitely reminded me of a simpler time. Life is pretty complex right now. It definitely is throwing me a couple of curve balls. I have recently noticed a change in my personality. Its almost a regression in a way. Before CT I always knew I was kind of an asshole and CT definitely softened me up. Now that I am back in Jersey, I feel that asshole creeping back in. I don't mind it one bit though. That guy for a lack of a better phrase had a heart to succeed. He was about that life. CT Ant was very complacent. Complacency really bothers me for some reason. Oh well I'm tired now and try to elaborate on these thoughts another day.

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