Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hi My name is Anthony.

I went to an AA meeting today. It was pretty interesting. I like these group of guys. I really really want to be sober or at least not drink as much. I think the best thing about it, was these guys knew exactly what I was talking about. They could relate. They could identify. The stories they had were extremely powerful. I was very hesitant to write this post because lets be honest. I do have a drink problem that I have struggled for years with. Its funny because one of the guys said its not your problem more like your solution. Your solution for good days your solution for bad days and etc. I want more out of life. I want to reconnect with God. I want to find my path again. I think i am going to go to the meetings when I can. They said don't set long term goals. Its all about the next 24 hours.   Lets see what the next 24hrs have in stored for me.

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