Sunday, July 1, 2012

A conversation between mother and son

My mother is beyond the craziest woman on this planet. I went to go see my grandmother today and her and my Aunt from Georgia have been pestering about taking them to go see my mother for quite some time. I finally cave today. I did not have any real plans so I said sure why not. I already know that this trip is going to end with me pissed off and my mother cackling like the witch from the Wizard of Oz.

I tried calling her and she didn't answer her phone. We get down there and I remember where her old apartment is but not her new one. I am already angry at this point. I get her new apt info from one of her friends. I knock on the door and none other but my drug addict thieving brother answers the door. He doesn't know where my mother is but eventually thinks she is at her friends house. I tell him to get her and she  comes and already comes in yelling about something or another. I decide to leave at this point to go see my other brother and dad. I come back and my grandmother has decided she is tired and ready to leave. She goes to the bathroom, so I decide this is the time to talk to my mother. I tell her you see she is dying and all she wants is to see you. My mother's response, I don't give a shit! I am dying too! I start getting angry and tell her that I don't understand that as her daughter, how can she not feel any responsibility towards her own mother. Her response, I wont be crying at her funeral. This doesn't bother me. I don't have time to be running up to north jersey just because she is dying with cancer.

At this point I already see the futility of my arguments and just say its time to go. My mother is insane and I love her but she is insane. I know people think I am one cold hearted bastard but that woman takes the cake.

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