Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My hs personal statement for your enjoyment

I walked into the hospital and realized this would be the last time I would see my father in this world. I went into the room and approached his bed staring at his near death eyes. I took a deep breath and began to convey something that I have been waiting to say since I was younger. I looked down and began, “You were never there for me. It hurts to know that I grew up without knowing who you were. I think that is why you are laying there, suffering. I am one hell of a son and all I needed was one hell of a father, I’m sorry it had to be this way.”

I have been an adult all my life. I have taken care of myself and struggled through everyday problems. I juggled work, school and have had to provide for myself. I have carried the emotional burdens of my family and the economic responsibilities of my grandmother and my mother. This is an aspect of me is unknown to many people. Most people see the fun loving, silly Anthony. That is another part of me. Some have come to know a combination of the two. I believe I should tell you who the real Anthony is.

I am a person who lives life to the fullest. I have done things in my life that most teenagers cannot say they have. I have received a scholarship to attend college courses with a John Hopkins Program at the age of 16. I have worked four different jobs and each job has brought new experiences. An example of this is the department store Haggar. I had the opportunity to become a manager but I chose to focus on school instead. In grade school my grades were impeccable. This changed in high school dramatically. I did not feel like pursuing school. High school was a step on the ladder of life that I wanted to skip. I felt like this for most of my high school years. My desire for change, personal growth and giving to my city has steered me in the new direction of political activism and community service.

During the spring of 2003 three students and I were fed up with the condition of our building. This is when my view on high school changed. The students and I planned and lead a walk out of the student body to protest these conditions. As a leader of the walkout, I gave three speeches to boost morale among the students. I have never received a greater rush than when I saw the passion come over the students from my words. It was at this exact moment that I had the realization; I wanted to go into a life of politics.

Since that day I have wanted to change the way of life for the citizens of Newark. I want to be apart of the guiding force to propel the city of Newark into an era of greatness. I have led my life making good and bad choices. Attending Rutgers is making one step in the right direction. Rutgers has the atmosphere and high quality of education that would be beneficial to my higher learning and my future endeavors.

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  1. someone who reads this will post might say themselves, "wow, this guy can change the world. he's been to hell and back, he is capable of doing great things." then they continue to read on, beginning with your 22nd birthday celebration and realize that the motivation present during that personal statement was merely a fleeting moment in your life.