Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ant’s 22nd B day Celebration

So I didn’t want to do anything for my bday I just wanted to stay in and sleep but of course my life doesn’t work that way. So Ryan and Tahri decide to show up and take me out to Fridays to eat drink what have you. So after 4 winter lagers I’m pretty drunk and Carlos and Shaun show up and say lets go to the Go Go.

At the Go Go we have this intense drunken scandalous evening such a good time. The dancer name Rosa who turn out to be a grandmother who was fuckin touchin my man tits and jerkin me off as im slapping her ass and shes telling me how big her pussy lips and I lick her face I became the epitome of scummiest. It was great. At the height of the nastiness and raunchiness we decide to leave being for monetary reasons.

As were driving around we see a car and abe has the brilliant idea of fucking the car up. So we leave and go to a bar. Abe comes running back saying people were there so he cudnt do it. Meanwhile in the bar Abe gets 151 and goldslagher . We find out he has a bottle of absinthe and we all take shots. Abe gos back for round 2 takes hes shoe off and starts scuffin the shit out of the car window trying to break it. Doesn’t work at alllll. My friend tells me all she heard was laughing hahaha then DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE ..The next day we found out wasn’t the persons car we thought it was.

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