Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Just wondering

I been horrendous in updating this year. A couple of things have happen since Matt passed away. I think the greatest of them all is me deciding to leave Haggar. I am just so damn tired of retail. I know however going back the one field that is probably waiting for me is retail. I want to do everything that I wanted to do and felt I couldn't do in CT. I think I am going to try to enter the world of politics again. I feel really inspired by this whole occupy movement. They just need some structure. Who knows...maybe I can be that structure. I want to do a web series with Mfreke and I am definitely serious about trying to pursue production of this. I also want to get into event coordination specifically in the non profit sector. I have a lot of zest and zeal atm for taking on these multiple projects and I really want to see them through. I just hope that I am prepared for whatever road lies ahead.

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